The laptop

encased                 to be in a case like a laptop case

msn                        a program like QQ

sublime                very grand or great

isolated               on your own with no one to help

buddie                friend

executive          business, black is a business colour



Oh you are a little box of letters

Encased you are executively black

You have many letters, dots and dashes

No lit’rary necessity you lack.


You’re my source of knowledge, information

On you I talk to children and to friends

I msn, I google, and I chatter

With you I can the rules of grammar bend.


But sometimes you’re an enemy sublime

When sites are down or my connections lost

My tears of anger readily they flow

‘Tis then I know that you are really boss.


Without you tho’ I would be isolated

You are my friend, my buddie and my mate.





Questions for review.
1. What is the poem actually saying?

2. Is the writer of this poem happy with her computer?

3. What does she use her computer for?

5. Talk about sonnets, what are they?

6. What does it mean, the rules of grammar bend?

7. Why does the writer sometimes get angry?

8. Why is the term ‘little box of letters’ used?

9. Can you find some other sonnets on the internet?

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