Such peace.

stretcher                                  a camping bed

sea anemone                          a small colourful plantlike animal in the sea

languid                                   unhurried, relaxed, a little lazy

circular                                    going round and round

quivers                                    shakes gently

hues                                         different shades or tones of colour

rejuvenating                          getting your energy back

palate                                       a firm surface that artists use to mix their paints

chin ups                                  an excercise where a person uses their arms to lift their chin above a bar


Sea Anemone


I am lying in my low stretcher, on holiday at the beach,

slowly drifting in and out of sleep, my eyelids lifting and falling as they please.

I am aware of the others in the tent still asleep

it is still quite dark, very early in the morning for a little girl to wake up.

I stretch my arms and legs and wonder what it is like outside the tent.

I quietly lift up the flap and look out,

seeing the few yards of grass that melts into the still dark grey sand.

In turn the sand extends its arms to the fingertips of the ocean

as they wave to and fro with tiny waves.

Such peace.



I love this time of the day, so early,

as the sun slowly starts to colour the sky,

to make the shadows move like the filaments of a sea anemone.

I feel so languid today, just a tiny ripple moves my muscles in circular motion

as the waves gently move shoreward.

My skin is smooth, untouched by wind;

a mermaid could see her reflection in my depths,

my colour slowly changing from black to the deepest blue

then into different shades as my covering quivers.

Such peace.



This is a busy time for me.

I must get up and start the day for this little part of the world.

They have been slumbering, dreaming, rejuvenating,

awaiting my arrival.

But now it is time to send my rays into their eyes,

to tell them another day is dawning.

I must sew gold lace to the clouds.

I must get out my palate

and busily paint all around the edges of the sky,

palest pink, lemon, purple.

Then once those lines are drawn

I need to apply brighter colours

until all the hues of the rainbow have been brushed onto the new day.

I slowly pull myself up, doing chin-ups over the horizon.

I hold my breath and keep my gentle rolling motion into the heavens.

I look down and see the satin skin of the ocean

and a little girl at the tent flap

Such peace.



This writing is called prose poetry. The lines do not have to be the same length and it does not have to rhyme. This poem is telling the story of the sunrise but there are three different people in this poem. The first verse is the little girl talking. The second verse is the sea talking. The third verse is the sun talking. Each poem is written from a different point of view.


Questions for review.


  1. How is this different from a poem that rhymes?
  2. What is this poem saying?
  3. Can you find the words that tell us who is talking, the girl, sea or sun?
  4. What descriptive words (adjectives) are used?
  5. Have you ever seen the sun rise over the sea?
  6. Have you ever been camping in a tent by the sea?
  7. Describe a chin up and why is this phrase used?
  8. Describe a sea anemones

©Lana Kerr.                                                                  

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