Sky blue – blue sky. For advanced readers.

palette                   the flat surface an artist uses to mix his paints

Aotearoa              the Maori name for New Zealand

exultantly            with great joy

reposes                rests

gossamer             very fine, like a butterflies wing

CFC                      chlorofluorocarbon  –  used in many products that pollute the air

emanates             comes from

eschew                 to avoid, shun, turn  your back on

booze                   a slang term for alcohol

prozac                 brand name of an medication to stop depression


As colours slowly swell from black to blue

God’s palette in the sky above we see

From inky black to start the day anew

The morning star exultantly

Sees glory of the clouds sprinkled with gold

Hushed stillness lies around her dawning skirts

Then comes a day its story to unfold

For some great joy, for others, hearts that hurt.


Beneath the A-o-te-a-roa blue

Reposes softest greenest grassy beds

And oceans fingers who caress the sand

As sun burns bodies, arms and legs and heads

The ozone layer gossamer becomes

As CFC’s rise gracefully above

Great mountains raise their faces to the sun

The breeze caresses as a soft kid glove.


Beneath the sapphire blue Australian sky,

The earth is baked and dry and burnt and bare

Above I see a flock of parrots fly

In freedom glide, they have not any care

The kangaroo is lazy in the shade

Red belly poised to strike a careless mouse

The rancher’s life is to the seasons played

As massive ghost gums shade the stations house.


Not often are the skies in China blue

Gray misty cloud the sunshine can obscure

Pollution emanates from factories flue

Beijing and Shanghai’s air’s not very pure

But Xiamen has its share of clear blue sky

Dongguan Shenzhen and Guangzhou also do

When storm clouds for the best position vie

The rain will wash the air all clean and new.


The earth gives up its jewelled riches blue

Its Sapphires faces mirror brilliantly

A-qua-mar-ines and diamonds don’t eschew

My jewellery box is scattered carelessly

Brings mem’ries flooding back into my mind

Of anniversaries, gold and silver rings

Four corners of the globe give up its gems

From depths below great riches mining brings.


From bridal white to baby pink and blue

Or lives change yearly as our families grow

Five bonnie babies they have grow-en up now

Grandchildren boost the populations flow

Add tyres middle aged and floppy arms

As hearing dims and glasses must be worn

And cities overflow onto our farms

Colours of new generations born.


Young people should feel life for them is blue

Carefree and light, concerns and worries nil

‘Cause later on the hard times come on cue

Supported by some booze or Prozac pill

For others life’s an endless black and brown

While some have days of misty hazy grey

But later on a mellow peace is found

And life recedes, just gently slips away.


Questions for review.


  1. What is this poem saying?
  2. What are some of the blue objects mentions
  3. What countries are mentioned in this poem?
  4. What cities are mentioned?
  5. Why is the air not pure in Shanghai or Beijing
  6. What are CFC’s and how do they affect the air?
  7. Explain what the ozone layer is.
  8. How does this poem move through someone’s life?
  9. Why are booze and Prozac mentioned?


©Lana Kerr.                       


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