Past generations.


A mother of five she was, our Mum

Professional bottom wiper and nappy washer

Diagnostic expert, cook, stitcher and ruler of her domain

Laptop fingers beating in ¾ time on ivories or strings

With toes when young that ached to pointe

Could drive anything but a train and jumbo jet

A writer who could also talk underwater

Loved Kiwi’s, Aussies and Zhong Guo ren.

Christine nee Stewart.


A prince among men he was, our Granddad

A Solomon calmly presiding over still waters

A man’o’war Fijian style, wedded for fifty five years

His scientific mind leading his study of ant and galaxy

A maker of kites, billy carts, and fixer of cars

Who pounded pianos and caressed steel guitars – 40 love

Who diabetically gobbled ‘Wethers Original’ toffees

And Mum’s famous buns with the cherry on top.

A man of God.     Frederick Stewart.     1913 – 1999.


A Lincolnshire lad he was, our Great Granddad

A labourer, farmer, with an adventurous heart

Over the seven seas the Hydaspes brought him

Through Lyttleton, Canterbury to Taranaki

Building roads as newfangled motor cars appeared

Who witnessed the first aeroplane, first telephone and First World War

A belated husband and father of two

Who never refused a meal to a tramp at his ‘depression’ filled doorway.

A man of the earth.     Fred Stewart.     1866 – 1936.


A rugged fisherman he was, our Great Great Granddad

At peace with the heart inside his salty skin

A mender of nets and a rigger of sails

A reader of dawns and towering clouds

Guided by the sun and glittering diamond nights

Guarding the albatross on silken swells

Making safe haven through a furious storm

A calm man where panic could mean his life.

A man of the sea.      Henry Stewart.     1832 – 1904.



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