disappear                  not seen any more – to vanish from sight

cope                           to face responsibilities or difficulties

terrified                     very scared or afraid

shy                              quiet – to feel a little scared of other people’s opinions

tinge                           just a little bit of colour

dispelling                   to chase away – to get rid of

hushed                        very quiet

rejoice                         to be very happy

daisy                           a little white flower




At 6 pm you disappear

You leave me lonely with my fear

To cope with darkness on my own

I hate these feelings all alone

I dread the things I cannot see

As you now shine on Tennessee

You take away relieving light

I’m terrified of darkest night.


But you return –  you always do

Come back to give me day anew

You shyly hide your gleam at first

A tiny tinge round nighttime’s skirt

But slowly you reveal your light

Dispelling all the fearful night

I see your slit of light appear

Your rays dispel my nightly fear

I see your glow, your warmth reveal

Relief is mine, you bring repeal.


A-hushed I sit and watch your rays

The birds rejoice – another day

The daisy lifts her head with glee

As your bright light she gladly sees

The birds alight with flaming feather

They welcome you and your good weather

And I relax – I melt my fear

Until again you disappear.



Questions for review.

What is this poem about?

  1. How does this person feel at night time?
  2. How does this person feel at daybreak?
  3. Why are night times scary?
  4. How can people dispel fears?
  5. What does it mean to sit a-hushed?
  6. Do you like to have quiet or hushed times?  Why or why not?
  7. Describe a beautiful  daybreak you have seen
  8. Why does the poem talk  about Tennessee?

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