Post 27. Snakes alive! Well …….. dead really.

The little neighbourhood has been  a place of thriving industry today. I reckon the lady makes about 500 spring roll wraps an hour, and she is pocketing money on a regular basis.

Just up from her the snake man has had a busy day. Alex’s father told me they were snakes, and that is what I guessed anyway.  I have no idea where he gets these snakes from, and I was too late to get a photo of them being boxed up, but they are whoppers.

He had each snake, and it looked like only one in each bag, coiled up. It looked like it was skinned, and very big and very long and very fat. There were several of them boxing these snakes into large polystyrene boxes which were completely covered in yellow stuff and then taped up very well.


Wrapping up the snakes. Can you see the board across the door?

It was interesting to note that today the doorway of their little shop had changed. They had put a piece of wood across it, only about one foot high, but it was obviously to keep something in or something out. It is not easy to see in this picture. And probably something living, rather than dead. I didn’t see anything slithering round, so don’t really know the answer to that one.


Third box being loaded onto the motor bike.

Off he goes.  You can see the board across the doorway in this picture.

Anyway, they filled three boxes, taped them up, and taking two men to lift each box put three of them on the back of this motorbike. How it held the weight without popping the tyres I have no idea, and how he rode it and kept his balance is a mystery too. But he did, roaring off at a fine old pace.


New bag. 1.


Newbag 2.

I needed a new suitcase to replace the one with the wheels that fell off when I arrived. I have been scouting round, and visited one shop three times. Today I spent the money, got quite a nice bag, two large strong wheels, a good handle, a fairly sturdy looking inside, it expands and locks and has good handles. I paid just over $30 for it, I guess it would be around the $50 at home.

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