Post 10. Back to the noise and the cold and some smelly slippers.

I have had three days in the Sanya warm weather, similar weather to Brissie, and am now back in the noisy town of Putian, with horns honking, motors revving, and general mayhem going on all around.  It’s about 15 degrees, and at 3.58 pm nearly dark due to the heavy low clouds.

I’ve also come back to some really smelly slippers. I bought some winter slippers the day after I got here. They just ponged. You know that new rubbery smell sometimes around places like The Warehouse and Crazy  Clarks, well it’s that sort of chemical smell, and I have had them outside since I got them. They still pong so I am going to wash the things and see if that will get rid of the terrible smell.  If not I’ll have to get some more.  Slippers are a necessity here.


The smelly slippers


I did wash the things, and they still stank. To try and dry them I put them on my hot water bottle that was full of hot water. The smell from the rubber soles has gone into the covering of the hottie! How those poor people in the factory making these things survive I don’t know. In the end I chucked them out and bought some thick fluffy socks and scuffy slipper things for inside the house.

I have to say that the two and a half years I have had back in Brisbane have made me soft, and I rather like it. The inconvenience of not having a car, of having to do everything on crowded buses or trains that are a 20 minute bus drive and a 5 minute motor bike taxi ride to the train station, (or if you prefer to do a 15 minute gallop) and especially having to deal with a stomach that really didn’t like today’s lunch, and insisted on divesting itself of the contents in three quick actions, one on the plane just as it landed, another in the airport, and the third after 90 minutes on a bus to Alex’s house, well it’s sort of wears a bit thin.  I plan to spend the next few days ensconced in the house, typing and doing stuff, before I have a few days with Debbie in Longyan.

Anyway I’ll make the most of my time here, do what I can, see who I can, and enjoy my simple pleasures of a car on four wheels and Aussie food when I get back.

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