Post 08. Cross stitching.

At night here sometimes it’s a bit boring when the tv is blaring away in Chinese. Just close by is a shop that sells cross stitch and embroidery things. Yesterday I took my life in my hands and went in. Of course the guy there doesn’t speak any English, but I found a nice cross stitch that I thought wouldn’t be too hard to do, and not too big.  I got a small one with a picture of bamboo, and I quite liked the colours. I can’t remember how much this would be at home, but I paid 36 RMB, $6.00 Au. Pretty cheap. On top of that he chucked in the scissors free, which would probably be $6.00 at home.

They had some of the most beautiful cross stitches and tapestries in there. Some of them are huge. This one is for sale already done, the cost is about 10,000 Yuan finished. Alex has got this one in his house. They put some sparkly bits in it too, which make it look quite different.

Cross stitch in the lounge.

I’m a bit of a freak round here, I haven’t seen another foreigner anywhere at all. Alex’s aunty wanted to take me out shopping I expected her to come on Tuesday morning, she came Thursday when I was ready to do something else.  Yesterday I went to the bank and changed a bit of Australian money over, and Alex’s father took me, I didn’t know where the bank is.  I think there is a certain amount of kudos involved in being seen out with a foreigner. Ah well, they can have their five minutes in the sun, I’ll be home in five weeks probably with a finished cross stitch done.


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