Places. The Gold Coast.

Places.  The Gold Coast.





Shuttle bus               a bus that goes back and forth between airports and hotels

High rise                    tall buildings

Pontoons                  small floating places to tie up a boat

Tourist                       a person who visits for a holiday

Subtropical              very warm but not tropical weather

Currents                    movement in the water, but the swimmer can’t see it


City of Gold Coast, with many high rise hotels and apartment blocks.


The Gold Coast is the name of the city where I live. In the past it used to be a beach where people would come for summer holidays.  There were holiday homes and a few shops.

The 1950’s were years of advancement on the coast. High rise buildings appeared and many more people started coming for holidays. The canal estates were started, and now in the 21st Century there are large areas of the city built this way with some beautiful homes and many having pontoons to keep their boats by their homes, a bit like having a car in the garage.

Today more than half a million people live here. Tourism is the main source of income for the Gold Coast. Although most Australian cities have high rise buildings in their city centres, (the down town), the housing is usually separate one level homes. But on the Gold Coast, there are many high rise hotels.


City of Gold Coast at night.

About ten million tourists visit the Gold Coast each year. It is known as a major tourist destination. We have sunny subtropical weather, fabulous beaches for swimming and surfing, many theme parks similar to Disneyland, and the scenic rim is an area of mountains, trees, animals and birds. Check out this link for Dreamworld, a fun park like Dysneyland.

Compared to many places in the world, we enjoy a high standard of living here. Most people have nice homes. Some of the homes here are quite expensive, built by the ocean, with beautiful views over the sea.

Some nice homes. Boats are moored close by. A safe swimming area for children is seen in the foreground.

The city of Gold Coast is less than an hour south of Brisbane. Many people come here to live when they retire, to enjoy the lovely weather and the beaches.

Thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the surfing and swimming. The beaches are open to the Tasman Sea, so often there are quite large waves. Sometimes visitors get into trouble when they go swimming, especially if they are not used to the ocean. There can be strong currents in the water. You must swim between the red and yellow flags on the beaches to be safe. There are life guards in charge of these safe swimming areas and if you need help, there is someone there ready to save you.


Even on a rainy day the water is warm for swimming. On the right is the yellow Surf Life Saving building and red and yellow flags on the waters edge tell the swimmers where it is save to swim.


Surfing needs lots of practice. There are places on the Gold Coast where you can learn to surf and you can hire surf boards so you can try this sport.

Life on the Gold Coast is generally relaxed. Many people come here to live when they retire from their jobs. The weather is usually mild but can be very hot in the middle of summer, but most people have air conditioning and many have swimming pools in their back yards. The winters here are very mild, around 20 degrees during the day and from about 10 to 15 degrees at night.

It is easy to reach the Gold Coast from Brisbane City. There is an airport, and bus and train links from Brisbane. There is also a good shuttle bus arrangement from the Brisbane airport which will take you to any hotel or home address.

This website will give you more information about the Gold Coast.



Questions for review.


  1. Where is the Gold Coast?
  2. How many people live on the Gold Coast?
  3. What is one of the main reasons people visit the Gold Coast?
  4. Is it safe to swim here?
  5. What flags should you look for when you are swimming? Why?
  6. How many people visit the Gold Coast for holidays?
  7. What is the weather like on the Gold Coast?
  8. What transport is there around Brisbane and the Gold Coast?
  9. What kinds of parks could you visit if you came to the Gold Coast?
  10. What kind of lifestyle do many people enjoy?
  11. Do some research about the Gold Coast and write a story about what you would like to do if you came for a visit.

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