Places. Mount Tamborine.

Great Dividing Range         the name of low mountains along Australia’s East coast

hang gliding                        a sport where people hang below a sort of small parachute

Aboriginals                        the original people of Australia before English people came

tourist                                 someone who goes to a place to see the sights

souvenir                            a special keepsake to remind them of a place or person

Cuckoo                              the name of a bird.

cuckoo clock                    a special kind of clock where a bird pops out and to tell the time

gliding                              to move with the wind

Places. Mount Tamborine.

Map of Gold Coast

Along the east coast of Australia runs the Great Dividing Range. It is a range of low mountains, and  along the Gold Coast it is about 30 kilometres inland from the coastline. Right on top of the Great Dividing Range, is a small town called Mount Tamborine. It is not a big town, there are about 5,000 or 6,000 people living there.

For thousands of years, native Aboriginals lived in this area. It was covered with native forest. Even today much of it is still covered in trees. But now, many people have built homes on the mountain side, and travel to the Gold Coast or Brisbane for work. On the very top of the mountain range, the town of Mount Tamborine has been built.


Gallery Walk. Mount Tamborine


Wine shop of Gallery Walk. Mount Tamborine


This home has been turned into a beautiful cafe for coffee and meals



Every year thousands of tourists visit Mount Tamborine. In the summer, it is cooler because it is about 500 meters above sea level.  Tourists come to “Gallery Walk” along Long Road, a street devoted to art galleries, cafes and souvenir shops. Here you can find artworks, handmade glassware and original jewellery, along with many Australian souvenirs. People like to come and wander along Gallery Street, and have a coffee or a meal at one of the coffee bars or restaurants. There is a shop full of German cuckoo clocks.


Cuckoo Clock.



Because this area is very high, there are some lovely lookouts with views back to the Gold Coast or inland over the Darling Downs.

Darling Downs.

The view from Mount Tamborine Mountain is excellent and you can see a long way.



It is a little hard to see the Gold Coast buildings and the ocean in the distance.



One of the most popular sports here is ‘hang gliding’ which is also called para gliding, where people hang below a sort of small parachute, gliding in the wind currents. It is very much like flying.

This is what a hang glider looks like


Hang glider high in the air

The area is very beautiful, with many birds living in the forests. Although there are roads into the town, it is not on a busy highway, so life in Mount Tamborine is usually quiet.

For more information look at this website

Questions for review.

1. Where in Australia is the Gold Coast?

2. Where is Mount Tamborine?

3. What is the Great Dividing Range?

4. What is a hang glider?

5. How would you feel if you could do this sport?

6. Is Mount Tamborine village large or small? How do you know?

7. Why is the street called Gallery Walk?  What is a gallery?

8. Have you ever seen a cuckoo clock? Can you describe the noise it makes?

9. Describe the weather on the day these pictures were taken.





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