Kookaburra sitting on a fence

Kookaburra sitting on a fence


Kookaburra sitting on the fence




Kookaburra               said cook-a-burra – an Australian bird

minute                        said my-nute – a tiny amount

rustles                                    a tiny sound

wriggles                     a tiny movement

on pointe                   on the tips of his toes like a ballet dancer

liquefied                    in liquid form, like water

loam                           soil, dirt, the ground where plants grow

laser beam                bright strong ray of light

beak                           the bird’s mouth

worm                          a small long wriggly animal that lives underground

loitering                      wasting time, going slowly

platter                         large plate



Kookaburra sitting on a fence

In the early morning, looking

Waiting for a worm or grub

To lift itself from the newly turned earth

Waiting for the moment

When breakfast will serve itself

On a platter of rich brown loam.


Kookaburra looking and watching

Hearing keenly aware

Of all the tiny sounds

of rustles and wriggles underground

The minute turn of the earth

That says there’s a worm uncoiling

Kookaburra, eyes never leave the soil

Poised for flight, on pointe

Like a ballerina, equilibrium ready to tip.


Kookaburra flashes in flight

Like a dart of liquefied lightning

Like a perfectly aimed arrow

No wavering no loitering.

Rocket fast it flits

With laser beam precision

Its beak tastes the worm

One flick, beak opens and closes


Kookaburra sitting on a post.






Here is a link to a Kookaburra laughing.




Points to discuss.


  1. What is a Kookaburra?
  2. From  the picture describe a Kookaburra
  3. What  is happening in first the picture?
  4. What  is the Kookaburra waiting for?
  5. What  can it hear?
  6. Describe a laser beam
  7. Describe a ballerina on pointe
  8. Click on the link and listen to the sound a Kookaburra makes and try to describe      it
  9. Do  you have Kookaburras in your country?       Why or why not?

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