China or Bust!

My book has been published but only has a few pictures.  I have put more on my site here for you to see some of the people we met and places we visited during our year in Longyan.

We took a trip to Changting, a city not far away. This city had not seen many foreigners so we caused quite a lot of excitement.

Lana, Peter Deneice, Emerson, our host and the government inspector.

During this weekend we went to one of the oldest streets in this city.

Narrow street in Changting






China or Bust!

My book is available through Smashwords as an e-book, and as an e-book and a hard cover book.

Because I could not put many pictures in my book I have also compiled a book of photos, made from many photos from our first year in China.  You can look at this book of photos, there is no cost.  Go to

Click on the review button. You can review the entire book, it does not cost you anything and you can make it full screen to make the pictures bigger.





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