Post 05. I’d forgotten how noisy this place is.

Well, our current house sit is on a quiet acre, almost no traffic noise, hardly a neighbour noise, the worse we get are the birds yelling at us to get their breakfast.  But Alex lives in an older neighbourhood, and the traffic is still allowed to honk their horns whenever they like.

I have a video that will give you some of the noise, and it sounds much louder in real life. Unfortunately, I am conserving my camera battery, so this was taken earlier when it was very quiet. At the moment, there are car and bus horns going all the time, people are calling out, traffic noise is everywhere, and vendors of all sorts seem to be selling their wares, or at least letting the world at large know that they are here, or coming round the block soon. Someone in the apartment upstairs is chopping something, probably getting ready for lunch, and someone his hammering away.  Around 3pm each day someone plays music, I’m not sure if it is a recording or a piano. Whoever it is, the music is very good.

This starts early, around 5am and finishes late, around 11 pm.

Alex’s apartment is the same as these in the picture. He is on the fourth floor. There is stuff and rubbish all around, no one seems to clean it up or care about it. But on the inside everything is as clean as we have at home.

I have found it difficult to upload videos, I think they are too big. I took another video the other day of the noise, it’s amazing how rowdy the place is. Add to that spasmodic letting off long strings of firecrackers, children running round the houses playing, and a couple of groups of men sitting at ground level playing checkers or cards. Ah for the peace and quiet of home!


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