Post 19. Revisiting Longyan.

Yesterday I took the train from Putian to Longyan. It was about two and a half hours trip, and I sat beside three different lots of people, one who spoke a little English.

China is surprisingly mountainous once you get away from the coast, and to get to Longyan it’s a long uphill road, or in this case the tracks climb a long way up. There are also lots of tunnels, after all, why go over a hill when you can go through it. Some of the tunnels are quite long, maybe 5 or 6 kilometres   long.

Debbie was there to meet me and we dropped of my suitcase and went into town. I wanted to go to the dressmaker I used when I lived here. She usually had some lovely fabrics to choose from, but this time there was not even one piece of material I liked. So no clothes will come from her shop this time.

After that we had some tea, a good pizza and soup at a western restaurant, then home again.

Debbie has a cute little flat here provided by the school. I will add some pictures of it.

Debbie chatting on skype.

The front of her flat.

Her bedroom and balcony


The weather is really warm, around 19 degrees, but the forecast is for much colder weather in the next few least Debbie doesn’t keep all the windows open and she has a heater.

While I am here I will be going to some of her classes and talking a bit about Australia and New Zealand. I don’t have much in the way of pictures with me, but I can talk underwater so it’s not too much of a problem.


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