Post 17. Making spring roll wraps.

When I look out the living room window here, there are lots of shops, small ones that sell different things. One seems to get eels or snakes in, and he seems to re-sell those.


Anyone for a bit of snake?

This is what I see from the apartment window.

But the interesting one is a place where they make the round spring roll wraps. These are all done by hand, by someone sitting there, hour after hour, spreading dough onto four hotplates all going at the same time and after about 10 seconds lifting them off and re-spreading dough.  Different people from this family sit here from around 5am to around 10 pm. Once the pile gets big enough, they are taken away, split into what looks like 50’s and bagged up.

The round black things are coke or coal, compressed into cylinders. They have special long tong things to lift them, and the holes allow for good air ventilation. These are used by millions of Chinese as a heat source for cooking. They seem to burn for ages. Inside the 44 gallon drums this woman is working on, is a pile of these coke cylinders slowly burning away.


Note the black rolls of coke used as fuel.


Speading the dough onto the hotplates.

If you think your job is a bit boring, you may like to try this for an exciting change of pace. However I have been told that they are making plenty of money from this little cottage industry.


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