Post 11. Chinglish cooking lesson number 2. Pork and mu’er.


Pork and Mu'er, a Chinese mushroom dish


The picture is a bit foggy…sorry.

You  need to use a bit of poetic licence with this, because getting quantities ain’t that easy.

You need to buy some mu’er. It is a Chinese black mushroom. You can get it in any Chinese shop. Soak it for an hour or so then boil for three minutes.

For three people you would need about 1 cup of pork, diced and sliced quite small. Add some salt, and some soya sauce. Leave for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then they add potato powder, which I guess is potato flour. I don’t know if we can get that, but I think cornflour would do the job. Add enough to mix all together and make a gooey mess.

Have your wok or frying pan with hot oil, I couldn’t get a quantity from him, and add the pork. Stir and cook through, this will only take a few minutes.  Then add the soaked and boiled mu’er, a few pieces of finely chopped celery, and continue to cook another minute or two.





I would think you could add quite a bit to this if you wanted to be a bit more adventurous, a bit of chilli or ginger.  But it is a delicious meal, and with rice and a vegetable is sufficient.

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