As a newcomer to China I was bamboozled by everything I had to learn, but there was no information available apart from scouring many websites. My new book contains all you need to know about living in China and how to cope in a country where English is sparse and you can’t read or speak Chinese.

Please check out my new book on living in China, China or Bust, a rookie’s guide to living and surviving in China as an ESL teacher. You might also like to check my LinkedIn profile.

 If you have any business association with China, this book is for you, your staff or acquaintances. If you are a recruiter for teaching, your contacts will greatly benefit from this information.

 PS. I will let you know once my book is published in Chinese too.

China or Bust!

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Lana, staid, predictable, suffering from ‘empty nest syndrome’ needed a change. After spending most of her 40 years of marriage rearing her family and caring for elderly parents, she proposed a change of mammoth proportions.

After attending an information evening about teaching English in China, she and her husband went back to school, got TESOL qualifications, arranged a job in a small university, and headed off to the unknown, where they couldn’t speak one word of the language.

Their first 24 hours were a roller coaster experience of crazy taxi drivers, pick pockets, hotel staff that couldn’t speak English, being thumb-printed at the police station and trying to sleep on beds as hard as cricket bats. From there it just got worse.

Slowly but surely, they made friends and came to love their little corner of China, building a deep relationship with their students and fellow teachers. They relished their work teaching the Chinese students and were elated as their hard work bore fruit.

This book is a whirl-wind story of their highs and lows, adventures and challenges. Hold on to your hats!

Currently being translated in Chinese for publication by Xiamen University Press late 2013.

‘China or Bust’ – Lana Kerr

$16.95 AUD plus $5.00 postage in Australia

‘China or Bust’ – Lana Kerr
Ebook Edition (Kindle)
$4.99 USD from Amazon.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and other short stories.


Mrs Macquarie's Chair and other short stories. A compilation of nine short stories to warm your heart or tug at your heartstrings.

Why was Klaus at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair every year? What impelled him to go year after year even when he was seriously ill? Who was he looking for? What was the outcome? This heart warming feature short story will give you the ‘warm fuzzies’,  and maybe bring a tear to the eye.

Available only at as an -book, priced at $2.99. Please use the link below.





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  1. Vicki Williams says:

    Wow! I have only looked at one story so far but I’m impressed. My hubby and I are on our way back to China and were thinking of doing this for our classes but with pictures as well. I will buy your book instead. Reading you blurb, i think we are very similar. We have already taught in China for seven years and returning after a two year break (we missed it!) Regards Vicki

    • admin says:

      Delighted to hear from you. Look at the stories and poems on my site too, they are usable as lesson plans. Lana.

  2. Lainey McGeorge says:

    Hi Lana,
    I bought your book and absolutely loved it. I’ve wanted to go to China as a TESOL teacher for a long time but due to raising 4 daughters, it sort of took a back seat. My kids have grown, married and have their own families now. I’m from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland but moved to New Zealand last year . I am 50 now and thought I’d be too old to be employed as a TESOL teacher in China but after researching the net and reading your book I realise that I’m not too old. So thank you for igniting my passion again, I have started the journey to make my dream become a reality. I’m doing my TESOL Certificate and then I will finish a Degree that I started years ago, I only have 12 units left. While doing my TESOL Certificate I will also be Tutoring ESL students in their homes through an organisation here.
    Regards Lainey

    • admin says:

      Hi, I will write to you personally, I see your email address there…Thanks so much for the great feedback. Going to China is like no other experience. Research your journey well, you will have a ball.

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