China or Bust! A Rookie’s Guide to Living and Surviving in China as an ESL Teacher.

Released in March 2014, the bi-lingual Chinese/English version of my book is now available in Xinhua bookstores and online.


Cover for China release China or Bust.

Published by Xiamen University Press and translated from English into Chinese, this book tells of our first year teaching in Longyan City, Fujian Province, and all the fascinating experiences my husband and I had in a new country where we could not speak one word of Chinese. It became an experience that changed or lives forever and formed friendships that will never die.

This book also contains a great deal of information, for newcomers to China or those contemplating a move there, on how to successfully navigate your daily lives in a country where everything is so different. There is information on how to use the trains and buses, shopping, what to check when getting an apartment, money, personal safety, doctors and healthcare etc.

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